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Find the right school for your child

Deciding which school to choose for your child is a hugely important decision and often quite a lengthy one. The top UK schools are renowned for their world-class education, as well as fantastic facilities, teachers, pastoral care and co-curricular opportunities – making that all-important decision anything but easy.

Our carefully compiled list of the top 250 schools in the UK allows you to discover and compare educational institutions known for their exceptional quality and academic excellence. Our unbiased, insider reviews cover everything you need to know about the top schools in the UK, from the admissions process and higher education destinations to the school community and the essentials such as fees, term dates, ISI reports and bursaries. Browse the schools our experts have branded the best of the best and find the right fit for your child today.

How are the top UK schools selected and ranked?

The selection and ranking of the top UK schools are typically based on a set of criteria which can vary depending on the organisation or agency conducting the review. Here at Talk Education, we opt for a rounded approach; rather than just basing our ratings on grade averages and awards, we look at additional factors such as what current students have to say, the school community, and higher education destinations.

What is the admissions process for top UK schools?

The admissions process for top UK schools typically starts online with an application form. This may involve submitting academic records, letters of recommendation and a personal statement. Many highly ranked schools will require prospective students to sit an entrance exam and attend an in-person interview.

What UK city has the best schools?

Unsurprisingly, London has the highest number of highly ranked schools in the UK. This is largely due to the density of its population, and the city's high proportion of local areas which are considered to be among the richest 10 per cent of areas in England and Wales.