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Westminster Under School
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Westminster Under School

There’s a certain type of boy destined for Westminster Under – and he’s an incredibly bright one indeed. Sharing the same foundation and governing body of the great, Great School, this is the go-to prep for London’s most ambitious boys, who devour the opportunities given to them....
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  • Senior school destinations

  • Scholarships for senior schools

    Scholarships 2020

    Academic8Westminster School (6), Eton (2)
    Other8 Westminster School - Honorary Scholarship (4), Exhibition (3), Edlin Mathematics Prize (1)

  • Fees and bursaries

    Day fees per term

    Year 1-
    Year 2-
    Year 3£6,834
    Year 4£6,834
    Year 5£6,834
    Year 6£6,834
    Year 7£6,834
    Year 8£6,834

    Westminster operates a generous and impressive bursary scheme, although it has more tight eligibility restrictions than some other schools – to qualify students must be the children of UK citizens (although they can themselves be holders of a British, Swiss or EEA passport) and live within the M25 London orbital. The School also requires more of an in-depth financial declaration than some other institutions, as well as some less common steps including photocopies of passports and detailed family circumstance declarations from single-parent households.

    Westminster currently provides around £1.4 million of financial aid to students in the Under and Great Schools. Applicants are expected to meet the same academic criteria as other students, and awarded bursaries range from full fee to 10 per cent.

    Westminster currently also operates its Platform and Platform+ campaigns for pupils in Years 5 and 10 respectively. These are free academic programmes designed to inspire and elevate pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds who ‘show exceptional academic potential and energy for learning’. Pupils within these programmes are offered the chance to apply to Westminster and are given practical and academic support to help them prepare for the tests and admissions procedures. Any boy who is successful in an application to Westminster will have bursary support for the duration of his career at the school. Advice is also given about other schools offering extensive bursary provision.

    Westminster was also integral to creating the Harris Westminster Sixth Form, a selective mixed sixth form in central London which was established with the goal of increasing the rate of entry to top universities among students from areas of socio-economic deprivation. Around 40 per cent of its students currently qualify for free school meals and in 2019, 37 pupils received Oxbridge offers.

    For more information on any of the schemes mentioned, or for more detail on Westminster’s bursary policy, please follow the links below:

    Westminster: https://www.westminster.org.uk/admissions/bursaries/

    Platform:  https://www.westminsterplatform.org.uk/ 
    Platform +:  https://www.westminsterplatform.org.uk/platform-plus/

    Harris Westminster Sixth Form: https://www.harriswestminstersixthform.org.uk/

    Bursary contact:
    Bursar Martin Walsh
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