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About us
Our team has a combined total of over 175 years' experience researching, writing and editing schools reviews, as well as advising parents on their school choices, SEND needs and bursary and financial aid opportunities. We offer parents a vast network of wise counsellors, who between them have an unparalleled network of contacts, access and experience. 

Nicola Cunningham
Researcher – UK
Gabi Harrison
 Researcher – UK
Dimitri Goulandris
Mariana Gutierrez
Researcher – Colombia
Alice Rose
Katharine James
Schools Manager
Susie de Labilliere
Schools Manager
Kathryn Watson
Researcher – UK
Emi Thornburn
Researcher – UK
Silja Turville
SEND Consultant
Will Oldfield
Researcher – UK
Emma Love
Jane Broughton
Researcher – South Africa
Susa Greville
Researcher – UK
Louise Courtenay
Researcher – Asia


Sam Whitmore
Non-executive Director
Nicky Youngs
Head of Research
Susannah Anderson
Researcher – UK
Emmah Duffus
Senior Strategist
Amelia Elwes
Researcher – UK
Catherine Thomlinson
Parent Advisory
Natalia Manuale
Researcher – Argentina
Kate di Costanzo
Parent Advisory 
Heather Rutherford
Parenting Consultant
Joanna Parry-George
Chief Executive Officer
James Rose
Chief Operating Officer
Teddy Wolstenholme
Head of Editorial
Sarah Kirby-Smith
Subscriptions Manager 
Emily Bennison
Researcher – UK
Lucy Davis
Researcher – UAE
Emily Marcuccilli
Researcher – UK
Dolores Tereso
Researcher – Brazil
Evgenia Lazareva
Researcher – Switzerland
Kate Arnott
Researcher – Australia
Anna Hanson
Researcher – UK
Kate Rowe
Researcher – China
Sabine Hook
Parent Advisory – Early Years
Sarah Dawson
Subscriptions Manager
Lara Sweeting
Researcher – UK
Nicola de la Rue
Parent Advisory & Researcher – UK and Southern Africa