Stephen Perse Rosedale House Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Stephen Perse Rosedale House
231 pupils, ages 5-11

Stephen Perse Rosedale House

A gentle introduction to the Stephen Perse Foundation family of independent schools, Rosedale House is a Cambridge junior that focuses on instilling its young pupils with good learning habits, curiosity and confidence from the get-go. Which means that one term there might be assemblies on how to apply courage to daily life; another, games specially loaded onto iPads in the library aimed at boosting concentration (we also rather like the sound of creativity day, which was kickstarted by Wallace & Gromit’s Snoozatron device).

In line with the senior school and under the headship of David Hewlett (he is big on digital learning), Rosedale House works on a ‘diamond model’ of teaching. This means that from Year 5, boys and girls begin to take some subjects in parallel – the idea being to combine the academic benefits of single-sex teaching with the social upsides of everyone being together the rest of the time.

Every fortnight, pupils in Years 3 to 5 have an outdoor lesson at the Latham Road site, where there’s a nature reserve and eco-classroom, as well as an Astroturf, netball courts and space for football or athletics (more games take place at the senior school). The vibe is inclusive: everyone takes a turn at being a sports captain, everyone learns the recorder and everyone is encouraged to perform in concerts. There are seven school houses, where year groups come together for competitions and events, adding to the all-round give-it-a-go spirit....
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  • Fees and bursaries

    Day fees per term

    Year 1£4,160
    Year 2£4,160
    Year 3£5,250
    Year 4£5,250
    Year 5£5,250
    Year 6£5,250

    Financial assistance can be applied for at Rosedale House for years 3-6.

    Eligibility for financial assistance depends on financial, compassionate or other pertinent circumstances of applicants. It is awarded based on total parental income, with the level of assistance reviewed on an annual basis.

    The bursary form is confidential and requires full information about the family’s financial circumstances, with supporting documentation. The school uses an independent company, Bursary Administration Ltd (BAL), to review and assess bursary applications.

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