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Northwood College for Girls GDST Northwood, London Visit
Northwood College for Girls GDST
458 pupils, ages 11-18
Girls only

Northwood College for Girls GDST

Northwood College has always been known in north-west London for its strong pastoral provision. But under Zara Hubble, who has been head of the junior school since 2015 and the senior since 2018, the academics have been steadily strengthening. Still, the school likes to preserve a balance and Ms Hubble is proud about adding to the conventional three Rs a new set of her own: responsibility, resilience and reasoning. This pioneering approach has been part of the school’s DNA for some time – since 2014 it has been a member of the Girls’ Day School Trust, fully embracing its inno...


Maxwell Road, Northwood, London HA6 2YE

01923 825446


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