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Eagle House School
Eagle House School
Eagle House School
Eagle House School
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Eagle House School Sandhurst, Berkshire Visit
Eagle House School
382 pupils, ages 3-13
Day and Boarding

Eagle House School

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Our view

Founded in 1820, Eagle House is one of the oldest prep schools in the UK and it’s not hard to see why it survives and thrives today. Set in 30 pretty acres surrounding a grand Victorian former hunting lodge, it is a forward-thinking, unpretentious place, holistic in approach, allowing plenty of tree climbing and outdoor exploring while maintaining an excellent academic record. Kindness, respect and courage are the trio of school values and children are expected to really take ownership of all three as they make the most of everything this ‘have a go’ environment has to offer.

Where is Eagle House School?

Sitting on the Berkshire/Surrey border on the outskirts of Sandhurst, Eagle House School’s 33 acres of woodland and not-too-manicured playing fields are home to 380 day pupils and flexi and weekly boarders. The main house is surrounded by an eclectic collection of buildings, from classroom blocks to the smart Eagle Centre, with an impressive sports hall and performing-arts studios.

The school recently cut the ribbon on its swanky new music school, an outdoor ‘Ozone challenge area’ and totally refurbished pre-prep, adding a new Early Years space, brilliant outdoor play and learning areas and even a mini food tech area for the smallest pupils.

Head at Eagle House School

Ed Venables took over as head in September 2023. Previously director of admissions at Wellington College, Ed's own children have been through Eagle House and his wife Kate is a teacher at the school. We're looking forward to meeting him once he's got his feet under the table. 

What is the admissions process like at Eagle House?

Entry is non-selective (except for entry into Year 7) and pupils arrive at any time and into every age group. That said, it can be tricky to get into Year 5, as parents want to bag places before pre-assessments loom. With some 25 per cent of pupils leaving at the end of Year 6 for 11+ entry into a small number of local senior schools, entry is actively encouraged into Year 7. Register by the December of Year 6.

Academics and senior school destinations

Our first question on the academics was the obvious one: for a truly non-selective school with pupils starting at all ages, how do they routinely bank so many places at not only Wellington College but other high-achieving schools? Teaching, teaching and teaching, we were told. With a quarter of pupils currently dipping into some form of SEN support, the head is keen for every single pupil to recognise that there will be times when they might need to have the confidence to ask for support to maximise their own learning, and that’s a good thing. Most SEN support is given in the classroom, removing barriers and stigma and allowing pupils to perform to the best of their ability.

With 60 per cent of pupils heading for Wellington, the next two most popular schools are Bradfield and Lord Wandsworth College. Others go on to Marlborough, Eton, Radley, RGS Guildford, Sherborne, St Edward's Oxford, Downe House, St Mary's Ascot and St George's Ascot. Eagle House still runs a scholarship scheme for pupils with their eye on an academic prize.

Eagle House Prep School's internal Learning for Life programme, Curriculum 200, aims to develop learning skills rather than endless testing, with a focus on extended projects and classroom-learning skills. CE is out (unless a family specifically requests their child is prepped for it); instead, pupils from Year 5 onwards follow a modular curriculum system aimed at igniting passions and creating meaningful cross curricular learning, and senior schools are delighted by the more independent learners coming their way.

Older children are also encouraged to take appropriate responsibility for their own learning with pupils from Year 6 now attending parents evening too.

Reading is a big thing here: there’s a lovely bright and airy library, and the school is rightly proud of its excellent biennial literary festival, where pupils from Eagle House and other local prep and primary schools get to meet such superb children’s writers as Chris Riddell, William Sutcliffe and Jacqueline Wilson. Saturday school is still a firm fixture for pupils in Year 5 and up.


As with most boarding preps, pupils take part in sports every day with at least 4 ½ hours spent doing outdoor education, games or swimming each week. Boys play half a term each of football and rugby before Christmas, followed by hockey and then cricket in the summer term. Girls play netball, hockey and cricket with girls football creeping in and gaining momentum. We hear rumblings that a new swimming pool may well be on the cards.

While keen rugby players might prefer a school where their game gets a larger slice of the pie, and super-competitive types might grumble a little, sport is for all, which includes fielding mixed-gender teams. Eagle House School often brings home the silverware (we hear Lambrook, Cheam, Hall Grove and Edgeborough are the biggest rivals), and does very well in national competitions. It also has the advantage of access to the stonking facilities at Wellington College, including racquet courts, a golf course, real tennis, Astro and sports fields. The children we met gushed about the opportunities on offer: ‘you can’t not like sport here, as there are so many different options to pick from’, said one.

A big, big nod must go to the music department, especially now that the new Music School building is open. The eight fab practice rooms, two teaching rooms and a small performance space mean budding young musicians are more than well catered for. Nearly 100 pupils sing in the senior choir, locally as well as on international tours, with an impressive repertoire mixing modern and traditional. Over 70 per cent of pupils learn an instrument, with peripatetic teachers heading over from Wellington College. There is also an orchestra, chamber choir, flute group, harp group and even a Naughty Boys’ Choir – which we love the sound of.

Drama is another hands-down winner, with a number of children signing up for LAMDA exams – when we visited, the younger children were busily gearing up for a production of The Lion King. Up to three productions are on the go at any one time (Year 7s and 8s head to a local professional theatre to give them a feel for the West End), plus there is an annual trip to Edinburgh to perform at the Fringe.

Art is part and parcel of life here with a huge art room bursting with clay and pottery work and boasting three new 3D printers.. Our visit coincided with a lesson for a group of children from the local primary – a partnership which Eagle House takes very seriously.

The Golden Eagle programme focuses on either service in the community or teamwork and leadership skills, and co-curricular offerings vary from trampolining to tap dance, from girls’ football to go-karting.

Boarding at Eagle House

Boarding (a mix of weekly and flexi) is popular but not compulsory, with space for 70 pupils from Year 3 up. There are nearly 30 full boarders with the remainder taking the flexi-option and the school operates a weekend-in and weekend-out pattern (fortnightly boarding), with boarders able to stay in school for a seven-day and then a five-day stretch – in practice, boarding is 2 to 6 nights a week.

Pupils sleep in bright and spacious single-sex dorms at the top of the main house (which helps with the real home-from-home feel), but all gather together in the funky newly renovated common room, which is a delight – it’s just off the main building’s double-height, stained-glass, firelit front hall. You can just imagine those choristers at Christmas lining the sweeping staircase and carolling their hearts out. Phones are a no-go on the school site apart from for full boarders who are allowed them for a short time in the evenings (Year 8 boarders are allowed the additional privilege of toast and hot chocolate).

Eagle House School and the local community

The school’s weekly boarding provision is to thank for a recent influx of west London families; pupils can hop on the minibus back to the big smoke every Friday afternoon. There’s also an extensive minibus route (shared with Wellington College) around Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire. The new pre-prep has attracted a lot of interest from families considering private education for the first time and pre-preppers are now absorbed into the house system from the get-go so they can be part of the community-galvanising and cheerful rivalry too.

Parents tell us they feel hugely welcome and are invited to take part in regular social events. The EHA (Eagle House Association) organises events to raise money for school facilities – with a proportion of funds going to parent-nominated charities too.

And finally...

Traditional but not stuffy, popular, forward thinking and not overly polished, this is an exciting school with plenty going on and a buzzing local market.

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  • Senior school destinations

    Senior school destinations

    Bradfield - 3, Charterhouse - 3 , Eton - 2, Farnborough Hill - 1, Lord Wandsworth - 5, King's Canterbury - 1, Leighton Park - 2, Malborough -1 , Radley - 1, Rugby - 1, Tahoe Preparatory, USA - 1, Wellington College - 32

  • Scholarships for senior schools


    Academic5Charterhouse, Farnborough Hill, Rugby, Wellington
    Music3 Charterhouse, Wellington
    Sport3 Lord Wandsworth

  • Fees and bursaries

    Day fees per term

    Year 1£4,715
    Year 2£4,715
    Year 3£7,120
    Year 4£7,120
    Year 5£7,375
    Year 6£7,375
    Year 7£7,375
    Year 8 £7,375
    Boarding fees per term

    Year 1-
    Year 2-
    Year 3 £9,910
    Year 4 £9,910
    Year 5 £9,910
    Year 6£9,910
    Year 7£9,910
    Year 8 £9,910

    Eagle House offers means-tested bursaries to supplement its existing music and academic scholarship programmes, which are offered to qualifying students starting in Year 7. Those offered an award are expected to sit the Wellington College Scholarship examinations in Year 8.

    Bursary contact:
    Registrar Sara Baldwin
  • SEND

    This school currently supports the following kinds of learning needs, health needs and physical disabilities:
    They currently support and are very experienced at helping support children with dyslexia. They support children with dyspraxia, ADHD and those with high functioning autism who are able to work independently. They have some children with a range of health needs including diabetes. They currently do not have any children with physical disabilities.

    This school currently delivers the following interventions to pupils in class and outside class to support their learning, health and/or physical needs:
    They have 4 teachers who have all trained at the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre who deliver 1:1 sessions outside of the classroom to support dyslexia and literacy difficulties. They use the Nessy Reading & Spelling intervention programme and run Nessy Clubs to support reading and spelling. They run fine motor skills and phonics intervention groups in Pre-Prep. Additional maths support is available delivered by specialist maths teachers in the Prep. Small group English, Maths, Science sessions from Year 6 upwards for children who maybe finding a full curriculum challenging (Core Skills). They have a visiting Speech & Language therapist and a visiting Occupational therapist. They have an excellent and supportive Educational Psychologist.

    This school currently provides the following support for pupils' mental health needs
    Pastoral support via tutors, Pastoral Year Heads, wellbeing sessions, school counsellor, play therapist, ELSA trained staff (Emotional Learning Support Assistants), mental health First Aid trained staff. Pupils can access support through their tutor, the online form or box at school. They teach regular lessons that promote mental health.

    Co-ordinator: Mrs Emma Stacey
  • Transport links

    School Transport
    School bus service to/from London
    School daily bus network

    Public Transport
    Nearest mainline train station: Crowthorne
    Journey time to London by train: 50 minutes
    Nearest international airport: London Heathrow (21 miles)

  • Parents tell us

    ‘We chose Eagle House because it is co-ed, the location suited us, there is flexi boarding and a large range of extracurricular activities.

    The admissions process was seamless. 

    I think the communication with the parents regarding our child’s education is spot on. Fortnightly effort grades keep the children on their toes, there are regular unit tests and the usual reporting at the end of term. It is never too much and they only contact us if there is an issue. Perfect for us!

    I think they take care of each individual child as is deemed necessary. The school definitely knows each individual child and their wellbeing is certainly taken care of.

    Academically the children have been very well prepared for their next school. I believe the family can be involved with the school community as much or as little as they wish. Personally, I have made lifelong friends and the Eagle House community is the most incredible community I could ever have wished for.

    The drama is excellent under Mr Edwards. Eagle House has surpassed all our expectations. It has been, and continues to be, a wonderful, safe, happy place for our children and a wonderful community for us as a family.'

    'We chose this school as it is very close to us and it is also connected to the school which my husband and I both work at. The admissions process was very smooth.

    The atmosphere of the school is warm and caring, yet they all know how they are expected to behave. All of our children's teachers have been outstanding. In particular I have been struck by the individual care all three of our children have received, tailored precisely to their own needs.

    For example, our eldest was very timid and his Reception teachers, Claire Rhodes and Jane White, devised a way of asking him to relay messages from one classroom to the other “to help them” and to slowly build his confidence.

    Another of our children was an early reader, and Lynsey Fripp, head of nursery, took the advice of the school's literacy specialist and met with me to advise on how best to help him advance at an appropriate speed.

    Our third child is, let's say, a little bit quirky (!) and I was concerned he might not thrive in school, but the immense care of Jane White has led to him wholeheartedly loving school.

    The communication with parents is excellent. On top of parents' meetings and reports, teachers are always available to meet with parents if issues arise, and they respond promptly to emails. The pastoral care is outstanding.

    The school knows my three different children very well indeed. My children are not near moving on to secondary school yet, but moves between sections of the school have been well supported with familiarisation visits and getting to know the staff and routines.

    There is an active PTA, the Eagle House Association. This and year group reps organise regular parent social events.

    The school has more than lived up to my expectations. The individual care offered to our children is outstanding. Where issues arise, parents have easy access to meetings with teachers.'

    ‘We chose the school because it had a great feel about it when we were shown around, everyone seemed really kind and friendly. I loved the atmosphere of the pre-prep and how structured and organised it was – offering a great range of indoor and outdoor activities within the fantastic grounds and facilities.

    The admissions process was very straightforward.

    Most of the staff at Eagle House are brilliant. They have a way of getting the most out of your child that I am constantly pleasantly surprised at the things the children achieve – be it art, music, poetry reading, drama or academics. The children are growing into confident and happy kids that are keen to try new things and put themselves forward for a variety of competitions, they make the most of all opportunities presented to them.

    Standout teachers: Mrs Brice (maths) has been amazing with my daughter this year who is a bit of a perfectionist and worried about making mistakes, but she understood her and has completely changed my daughter’s attitude so that now she is not afraid to ask for help.

    Dr Spencer is a great science teacher who inspires the kids. Mrs Ross, the new head of sport, is great and has really inspired both of my kids this year to improve their hockey skills.

    Communication from the school is good, there are weekly bulletins, as well as other communications as and when required. 

    I feel involved in the children's education as they provide regular effort grades so that you know how your child is doing, the focus is always on the effort and not on the academics as it is understood that if the child puts in the effort then the grades will come. If there is an issue with an area of their education, then I have been called in for a chat and options have been discussed and agreed. All very pragmatic and helpful.

    I think the pastoral care is good, in the early days at the school we were experiencing a difficult time as a family and I let the teachers know that this might affect the kids, they were great at feeding back to me specific things that had happened and gave me some great books to help me talk to them about certain issues which was a great help.

    I think the school knows the children well, they are there for so much of the time and get involved with so many things that I think most teachers have a good overview of most of the students. Eagle House is small enough for everyone to know everyone; weekly assembly is a great time to celebrate any individual and team success.

    I think the school does a great job of preparing the children for the next stage of their education. The parents have contact with the deputy head to determine the schools that would be a best fit for their child and then Eagle House helps with supporting the parents with the process – as well as helping to prepare the children for anything that might be daunting in that process, to ensure they are able to perform at their best.

    You can be as involved with the school community as much as you want to, it is welcoming to new parents and there are regular social activities that you can get involved in both organising and attending.

    The EHA (Eagle House Association) is similar to a PTA except its primary function is to just organise events for the school to raise money for additional facilities and a proportion of the money raised goes to nominated charities that are voted for by the parents of the school.

    Eagle House has more than lived up to my expectations, my children are thriving in the Eagle House environment. It is a very busy and structured school which really suits us as a family, but this type of environment doesn't suit all children and families – so parents should take this into consideration when choosing.

    There are lots of opportunities for the children to get involved in lots of different things, which is great, and we love the variety of extracurricular activity choices. There is an annual online survey for parents and the results are usually positive, which is great.' 
  • FAQs

    Does Eagle House School have a senior school?  

    Not as such, however Eagle House’s ties with local senior school Wellington College is as close to a big brother school as you can get – over 50% of Eagleton’s end up attending Wellington.   

    Is there an Eagle House School alumni club?  

    Yes – it is referred to as ‘The Old Eagle House Society’ and helps past and present students and staff members keep in touch whilst encouraging and rewarding outstanding academic, arts and sporting achievements.   Does Eagle House School have a motto?  The school’s Latin motto ‘Sublimiora Petamus’ roughly translates to 'aim high'. Eagle House has moulded this into their current core message: ‘learning for life’.

    How flexible is Eagle House?

    Flexibility is a huge plus for Eagle House, particularly after it reverted from a full-boarding school, meaning children of local families can now attend as day students. There is also a new breakfast club and post-school hideout which continues throughout the school holidays too.

School Updates

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    WATCH: Eagle House 'A Day in the Life'
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    WATCH: Eagle House Welcome
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    My Day at Eagle House School - Year 5


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