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Arnold House School
276 pupils, ages 3-13
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Arnold House School

The cherry-red blazers worn by the boys at Arnold House are adorned with badges, won for their attitude to work, and citizenship bars for contributing to the life of the school. Here, it’s not competition that’s important; what matters are kindness and impeccable manners (we love the Social Graces section of the website and rather wish all schools had one)....
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  • Fees and bursaries

    Day fees per term

    Year 1£6,782
    Year 2£6,782
    Year 3£6,782
    Year 4£6,782
    Year 5£6,782
    Year 6£6,782
    Year 7£6,782
    Year 8£6,782

    Bursary awards are intended to extend the benefits of an Arnold House education to boys whose families would not otherwise be able to afford the School’s fees. All bursaries are means-tested and can be awarded to supplement the contribution made by parents or to cover the full cost of fees, uniform and extras each term. Bursaries are funded through a combination of the School’s fee income and donations from current and former parents, old boys and friends of the School. The Arnold House Development Office and the Headmaster have already embarked on fund-raising initiatives needed to ensure support from the wider Arnold House community towards the bursary scheme’s long-term success.

    For more information please visit

    Bursary contact:
    Registrar Penny Williams
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