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Saving for your child's future with LGT Vestra

By Talk Education
03 June 2021

Whether you’re looking to save money for your child’s university fees or to give them a financial leg-up onto the property ladder, putting money aside for your children's future whilst they're young is a shrewd, tax-efficient way to help them kick off their adult life with a healthy savings pot. By incorporating these practices, you are setting an example to your children about how to look after money, and hopefully will encourage them to act responsibly when they become financially independent. We asked Swaati Taylor, Wealth Planner at LGT Vestra to talk us through the various options and the key points to bear in mind.   

Our video covers:

  • The options available to parents to save for their children, including ISAs, Junior ISAs, investment accounts and pensions - and the merits of building up a portfolio of different savings options
  • Tax effectiveness and liability
  • Flexibility - your options if you’d like to be able to access the money - rather than lock it away for your child’s future
  • Responsibility - advice for parents who may be concerned about trusting their child with a large sum of money at 18
  • Investing on behalf of your children: the parental settlement rules
  • Grandparents: tax-efficient means for relatives to gift your child a sum of money
And remember: if you’re looking for advice on the steps you should take to plan for paying your child’s school fees, our interview with Simon Allister from LGT Vestra tells you everything you need to know.

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