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King's St Alban's Pupil Editors: The Environment

King’s St Alban’s Eco Committee put ‘the environment’ front and centre!

By Year 3 pupil, Zara

Who we are

We are a committee that looks at the way our school helps to protect the environment. As well as keeping the school itself free of litter, we want to show that we care for our planet and try to keep it as healthy as possible. The Eco Committee is made up of three or four members from each year group, who all want to protect the environment. We meet up around four times a term to discuss our work and share new ideas.

What we do:

We are committed to making our school environment clean and to being an environmentally friendly place, so we talk regularly about how to achieve this. We know that if we prove our school is environmentally friendly – and we can keep it that way – we will be awarded the Green Flag, which is very exciting!

We recently discussed how to make some eco bricks and turn them into furniture or put them in the garden as part of an outdoor display. Eco bricks are a great way of re-using all sorts of plastic that would usually be thrown away.

Plans for the future:

Beyond the Eco Committee, I personally want to go litter-picking with my family. This way there will be less litter around for animals to get trapped in or to be washed into the sea where it can injure sea creatures. I think a litter-pick organised by the Eco Committee would be an excellent idea!

How we can all help:

I definitely want to help the environment but I am just one child out of billions in the world so I can’t do it on my own…. We can all try to recycle more, re-use our bags, and buy things that don’t have too much packaging. We can also try to just buy the food we need to reduce waste – as well as turning off our lights and devices when we don’t need them. If everyone does just a tiny thing to help our planet, then we will live in a clean and happy world!