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To book a advisory slot, please fill out the form below. A member of TE staff will then contact you. Once an invoice has been generated you will be able to pay this online before it takes place.

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  • What is your postcode or, if different, which areas are you looking at in your school search?
  • Are you looking for nurseries, prep schools or senior schools?
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  • Are you looking for day or boarding schools, or both?
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  • Tell us a little about your child (or children) e.g. academic, creative, extrovert, sporty?
  • What is the key decision you are trying to make? For example, are you trying to choose between two particular schools, or are you starting your journey and looking for support and a bespoke list of schools to visit? Would you like an overview of the British independent school system? Have you already looked at schools and need guidance? Even if your query is an unusual one, please write it here. If you are not sure (or have many questions), please feel free to leave this section blank.
  • Would you like specialist SEN advice and support?
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