Kensington Prep School Fulham, London
Kensington Prep School
293 pupils, ages 4-11
Girls only

Kensington Prep School

This all-girls prep in Fulham for four-to-11-year-olds has a modern, forward-thinking approach to education. Pupils are tech-savvy (lots of iPads and interactive whiteboards) and skip off to the upper echelons of London day schools and top boarding schools....
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  • Senior school destinations

  • Scholarships for senior schools

    Scholarships 2020

    Academic22Francis Holland SW1 -11, Putney High -3, Wimbledon High -2, St Paul's Girls', City of London, Emanuel, Cheltenham Ladies' College, Headington, Wycombe Abbey
    Music9 Latymer Upper -2, Putney High -2, Godophin & Latymer, St Paul's Girls', St Mary's Ascot, Wycombe Abbey
    Drama1 Framcis Holland SW1
    Sport6 Francis Holland SW1 -2, Wimbledon High -2, Putney High -1, Benenden
    Art5 Francis Holland SW1 -2, Queen's Gate, Holland Park School, St Mary's Ascot

  • Fees and bursaries

    Day fees per term

    Year 1£5,955
    Year 2£5,955
    Year 3£5,955
    Year 4£5,955
    Year 5£5,955
    Year 6-

    Bursaries are available for Kensington Prep through its membership of the Girls’ Day School Trust, which offers a blanket bursary scheme to all prospective parents. These are means-tested and subject to annual review; the estimated threshold for full-fee support is currently around £42,500 gross household income, and then on a sliding scale upwards until a cap of £92,500 gross. For more information about the GDST and its charitable work, as well as its specific bursarial support, please see its website:

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596 Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5PA

020 7731 9300


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