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Bilton Grange Rugby, Warwickshire
Bilton Grange
319 pupils, ages 3-13
Day and Boarding

Bilton Grange

Our view

Warwickshire prep Bilton Grange has long been one of the main feeders to Rugby – typically about 50 per cent of pupils choose the senior stalwart 10 minutes down the road – but at the beginning of 2020 the two officially merged. With benefits to both sides (not least sharing facilities and, at BG, more opportunities for specialist teaching), we’re interested to see how it will work in practice.

One thing we are confident of is that this bells-and-whistles school with a splendid scholarship record will maintain its unique spirit. Overseen by head Alex Osiatynski, it has a fun Harry Potter vibe, with a Hogwarts-esque dining room in the 19th-century Pugin mansion and the Sorting Ceremony to allocate houses (pupils love it).

A few years ago, an extension was added to the music school, but the whole site is top-notch – from the vast art room to the organic vegetable patch, the swimming pool to the nine-hole golf course, the shooting range to the sports pitches.

The Learning4Life programme ensures pupils are clued up in areas such as money management and political affairs, and BiG Saturday is an optional morning of extracurricular activities. Plus there are High Flyer groups for the super-talented and oodles of fun clubs to choose from (cubs and brownies, scuba diving, taekwondo). Both boys’ and girls’ boarding houses have recently been refurbished, with input from pupils. This is a rural gem with academic ambition.

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  • Scholarships for senior schools

    Scholarships 2020

    Academic8Rugby School
    Music4 Rugby School
    Drama1 Rugby School
    Sport3 Rugby School and Repton School
    Art1 Princethorpe College
    DT1 Shrewsbury

  • Fees and bursaries

    Day fees per term

    Year 1£3,750
    Year 2£3,875
    Year 3£4,150
    Year 4£5,890
    Year 5£5,890
    Year 6£6,675
    Year 7£6,675
    Year 8£6,675
    Boarding fees per term

    Year 1-
    Year 2-
    Year 3-
    Year 4£9,095
    Year 5£9,095
    Year 6£9,095
    Year 7£9,095
    Year 8£9,095

    Bilton Grange operates a bursary scheme in partnership with Rugby School, granting Foundation Awards upon entry to Year 7 and Year 9. These are open to children who live within 20 miles of Rugby School and allow parents to access means-tested bursary support of up to 100% of fees for a day pupil.

    Foundation Award applicants for Year 7 entry should apply directly to Bilton Grange to take part in a process which will include assessment papers in English, Mathematics and Reasoning and an interview. In addition, they ask applicants to complete a short interview questionnaire prior to arrival and request a reference from their current school.

    At the same time parents should apply for means-tested bursary support towards fees using the Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstances form, which can be requested from:

    In exceptional circumstances the School may consider bursaries for entry in Years 4-6. Please contact the School Admissions office directly for more information about this. The contact details, as well as more details about the wider bursarial and fee support options available, can be found on the School website:

    Bursary contact:
  • SEND

    This school currently provides the following support for pupils' mental health needs
    Children have access to a school counsellor if they need any support with their mental health needs. Older children are able to ask for this support, younger children may be recommended through teachers or parents. The school counsellor has also spoken to whole year groups to raise the awareness of mental health needs. In conjunction with Rugby School, parents of 5th and 6th Form children have also been able to access seminars with RS staff and specialist speakers on a variety of topical issues such as mental well being and the teenage brain.

  • Transport links

    Public Transport
    Nearest mainline train station: Rugby
    Journey time to London by train: 50 minutes
    Nearest international airport: Birmingham (30 miles)

  • Pupils tell us


    ‘The three best things about my school are the sport, the opportunities and the equipment used in lessons. 

    If I had to give advice to new students, I would tell them to have fun and try everything they can. 

    It took me about a week to settle in and most of the people in my year helped with this. 

    My head teacher is really fun, really enjoys music and he has brought a good atmosphere to the school. 

    Mr Ford has been really kind and helpful when I am struggling with work or when I don’t understand. 

    The food is good and the best thing on the menu is the key lime pie.’


    ‘The three best things about the school are the way we are encouraged to network and make friends, the library, and the trips – especially the sixth form leavers’ trip.

    I had an interview with the headmaster during the admissions process, in which he asked me about my favourite subjects and hobbies. 

    I was settled in by the end of the first term, as my fellow peers were welcoming and my form tutor made sure I was alright. I knew I could’ve gone to my tutor if I had a problem. 

    I particularly liked our art teacher. He has always given me constructive feedback on my work, and was quite easy going and easy to talk to, which helped with my home sickness. 

    There are two boarding houses: the girls house and the boys house. Boarding life is quite convenient, as it is easy to get to school on time in the morning. In the evening, the boarding staff/mother provides us with healthy snacks such as vegetable sticks. On Saturday nights, we boarders get to watch a movie, and there are an array of activities planned out for us on Sundays. 

    The food is pretty nice in my opinion. In recent years, school food has become healthier and more mindful of the pupils needs, such as introducing gluten free, vegetarian and pescatarian options. They offer a range of side dishes in the salad bar such as fruit, bread and yoghurt. I do rather like the school wraps and the scampi. 

    If I were head for the day, I would abolish Saturday school and allow girls to wear their hair down. 

    Thanks to the support and good judgement of the Head of Academics, I was able to get into my first choice senior school through an academic scholarship. I feel that my school has prepared me thoroughly on how to behave and what to expect in my next steps of education. I know that what I do now will affect my future and I am grateful for Bilton Grange and the lessons it has taught me.’ 

School Updates

  • First Prep School to start its own new Independent Chorister Programme

  • Bilton Grange announces new Nursery plans

    Bilton Grange has announced exciting plans to open a new nursery.
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Rugby Road, Dunchurch, Rugby, Warwickshire CV22 6QU

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