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Author and Illustrator Jamie Littler inspires Chandlings Pupils

Jamie Littler introduced Chandlings Prep children to the wonderful fantasy worlds of Frostheart and his brand new series: Arkspire.

Arkspire is a city obsessed with magic. The five Arcanists, a group of all-powerful magicians, have protected the great city for as long as anyone can remember. Within the hustle and bustle of its cobbled streets lives Juniper Bell, a thief who would do anything for her family - even her unbelievably annoying sister, Elodie. Then one night, something incredible happens...

Jamie told us all about his journey as an author and illustrator, and how his ideas were born. He showed how he brings his characters to life through illustrations, and the children were able to draw alongside him as he demonstrated the process.

It was fascinating to see some of Jamie's preliminary drawings and early drafts. Jamie also showed how he now uses technology to create many of his illustrations using a tablet. Pupils had a wonderful time drawing Cinder, one of Jamie’s characters, and helping him to create a new "Arcanist" character.

October 2023