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Excellent GCSE Results for Thornton College Students in 2023

Thornton students have once again achieved fantastic GCSE results with over a third of students achieving grades 9 – 7 (legacy A** - A).

In addition to GCSE results students achieved 100% A* - C in their Higher Project Qualifications with over half achieving A* - A.

  • 76% of all results were grades 9-5
  • 55% of all results were grades 9-6
  • 33% of all results were grades 9-7
  • 19% of all results were grades 9-8
  • Higher Project Qualification: 60% A*/A, 100% A* - C
  • We would like to congratulate all of our students for excellent results across the year group.
On release of the results, Louise Shaw, Headteacher, said:“I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge congratulations to all of our students in this year group, for achieving such fantastic results in the light of the much-publicised changes to grading this year. These results are testament to their hard work as well as the support of their families and the commitment of our teachers. It is a joy to be here today welcoming students and their families back and joining them in celebrating their achievements. I also want to send our congratulations to all our international students who are overseas and couldn’t be here with us today – we are thinking of you and look forward to welcoming you back into Year 12 in the new term.

It has been a wonderful day for the whole school; our students thrive here at Thornton and we look forward to welcoming them back into our Sixth Form in September for their next steps in further education!”

Family members and students who visited the school today to collect their results were quick to respond:

Amelie said, “I have found Thornton a great place to be supported to learn and develop and have achieved grades that I am really proud of” and her Dad agreed saying “Seeing Amelie thrive over the last five years at Thornton has been truly magical, and today’s results have made everything worthwhile. I cannot wait to see what the future holds as she begins Sixth Form studies at Thornton.”

Nia said, “I have felt supported by staff all the way through my GCSEs, and I’m so pleased with how it turned out!” with her Mum adding “Nia has absolutely thrived since joining Thornton. It is totally the right school for her and we are delighted with the care and support she has received throughout.”

Alana said “I have had such supportive teachers which have helped me throughout my GCSE studies, and through all of my time at Thornton, since I joined in Year 2. I’m so thankful to everyone who has supported me throughout” and her Dad agreed saying “The school has been amazingly supportive and we could not be more thankful. Alana achieved great results as a result of this, and all of the extra support outside of the classroom is so appreciated.”

Harriet’s Mum who went with her daughter to collect her results this morning said “We are thrilled with these results. The school has been amazing and has offered so much extra support whenever Harriet has needed it. The school has not only helped Harriet from an academic perspective but also in her growing in confidence too – so thank you to everyone”.

Kene said “My teachers helped me approach exams with calm and confidence, I felt so well prepared. I’ve always felt so well supported” and her Mum agreed saying “Kene has grown in confidence so much, and we are very happy with how much she has been supported to achieve and to explore the right outcomes for the next stage of her education. We have always been very reassured with the support given to her at Thornton.”

Jess said “I’ve felt really well prepared going into the exams as a result of supportive teachers and I’m very happy with my results” with her Mum adding “It has been such an enjoyable experience and I continue to be thrilled with Thornton. We know it has been the perfect school for her and has supported her to achieve grades to be proud of, but also in developing her character. I so wish that I could bring my son too!”