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“Spotlight Shines on Aysgarth School: Celebrating Spectacular Success in Drama Achievements"

Aysgarth pupils gained a 100% pass rate in the latest LAMDA exams. All 40 boys received merits or distinctions. 27 Distinctions and 13 Merits.

LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) awards recognise excellence in the performing arts. Students who excel in LAMDA exams demonstrate exceptional skills in acting, communication, and creativity. These prestigious awards validate their talent and dedication, serving as a testament to their artistic abilities and potential for future success.

Aysgarth prides itself on providing exceptional performing arts education, and these exceptional exam results are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our students and teachers. The LAMDA exams, renowned for their rigorous standards, are a benchmark of excellence in the field of drama education.

Among the highlights of this year's LAMDA exams were the impressive scores achieved byYear 8 pupil, Alexander (scoring 92%) and Year 7 pupil, Xandie (scoring 89%), Rafael, Sebby and Jago who secured the top ranks in their respective categories. Their exceptional performances not only demonstrate their personal growth and dedication but also reflect the high standards of education provided by Jon Bentham, Head of Drama and the team at Aysgarth School.

Aysgarth is especially proud of Hugo for gaining a Distinction. Hugo is a blind talented actor and a delightful young man who provided a haunting representation of The Ghost of Christmas Past in a recent School performance. For his LAMDA exam, he chose a monologue as Cruella de Vil because “I thought it would be fun to pretend to be evil”. Drama and LAMDA have played a significant role in developing Hugo’s self-confidence. Just 12 months ago he needed his VI teaching assistant on the stage with him in a school play, now he commands the whole stage himself.

The drama LAMDA exams not only assess students' acting skills but also cultivate self-confidence, creativity, and effective communication. The success achieved by our students in these exams further validates the holistic approach to performing arts education adopted by Aysgarth.

"As an educator, the LAMDA program and awards bring me immense joy, knowing they equip students with invaluable life skills. Even those who won't pursue Drama will benefit from enhanced confidence, public speaking abilities, articulation, and improved communication skills. LAMDA is a vital tool in preparing students to express themselves effectively and be understood in any path they choose.” Jon Bentham, Head of Drama

Drama is definitely going to remain part of the lives of Alex and Luke who will take up Drama Scholarships at Stowe and Shrewsbury respectively in September.