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Local Surbiton Rowers Lead The Way For The Racing Year With Haul Of Wins

Local Surbiton rowers from Surbiton High School lead the way for the racing year winning a haul of medals from several local races.


Local schoolgirls from Surbiton High have had a strong start to the racing year, taking away a number of medals and wins.

The Racing - 25 Gold, 24 Silver, and 15 Bronze Medals

So far, Surbiton has bagged a good haul of medals from six races: 25 gold, 24 silver, and 16 bronze from across a broad range of athletes and events.

Kingston Small Boats Head Race - Four Gold, Five Silver, and Four Bronze Medals

Surbiton’s first race was Kingston Small Boats Head in November, where 95 athletes raced over a gruelling 5000m course; a nerve-wracking race where early season training paid off as the Surbiton rowers competed in their first competition of the season. Surbiton produced a medal haul of four gold, five silver, and five bronze, with many other notable finish positions.

WJ15 Single Gold, Silver, and Bronze
WJ15 Double Silver
WJ15 Coxed Quad Silver
WJ16 Single Gold
WJ16 Double Gold
WJ16 Coxed Four Silver
WJ18 Single Bronze
WJ18 Coxed Four Bronze
WJ18 Double Gold and Women’s Single Silver and Bronze

Teddington Head – 11 Gold, eight Silver, and Five Bronze Medals

Next up on the racing calendar was Teddington Head and the Surbiton rowers continued to make waves bagging a rich tally of medals and another 5000m tough race. This was the J14 squad’s first race of the season and for many their first-ever race. They acquitted themselves very well indeed with a gold and silver medal. The results were as follows:

WJ16 Quad Gold
WJ16 Double Gold and Bronze
WJ16 Eight Gold, Silver
WJ16 Coxless Four Gold
WJ16 Coxed Four Gold and Bronze
WJ15 Eight Gold and Silver
WJ15 Singles Silver and Bronze
WJ15 Double Silver and Bronze
WJ15 Coxed Quad Gold, 7th and 10th
WJ18 Coxless Four Gold
WJ18 Double
WJ18 Coxed Four Silver and 4th
WJ18 Single Gold
WJ18 Eight Gold
WJ18 Quad Silver, Women’s Double Gold, Women’s Single Bronze
WJ14 Octuple Gold, Silver
WJ14 Coxed Quad Silver

Hampton Small Boats Head – Three Gold, Two Silver, and Three Bronze

The first of the tier-one national events. This event attracts junior crews from across the country and is the first real test of racing at a national level in small boats, where the best come out to race in this hotly contested event. Results were:

WJ18 Double (out of 25) Gold, 4th
WJ18 Pairs Bronze
WJ17 Double (out of 24) Bronze
WJ17 Single (out of 24) Silver and Bronze
WJ16 Quad (out of 27) Gold
WJ16 Double (out of 35) Gold

There we many excellent performances too that were just outside the medals.

Quintin Head – Three Gold and Two Bronze, Winner of the Quintin Hogg Memorial Prize

The first of the ‘tideway’ races down on the tidal Thames. This is an ‘eights’-only event and open to adults as well as juniors. This race is a good warm up for The Schools Head in March. Surbiton entered seven crews and excelled, winning:

WJ18 Second Eights Bronze
WJ16 Eights Gold and 8th
WJ16 Second Eights Bronze
WJ15 Eights Gold
WJ15 Second Eights Gold

The Quintin Hogg Memorial Prize for the fastest aggregate WJ15, WJ16 & WJ18 time and a prize of a CoxBox Core.

Hampton Head – Four Gold, Seven Silver, and One Bronze

The Surbiton rowers added more medals to the growing tally whilst racing at The Hampton Head, the second of the Hampton races, and again, a tier one national event raced over 3000m. This differs from the previous Hampton event as the eights now get racing. Success came from a range of ages as follows:

WJ14 Octuple (out of 18) Silver
WJ15 Second Eights Gold and Silver
WJ15 Coxed Quads, Silver
WJ15 Eights Gold
WJ16 Second Eights Silver
WJ16 Doubles Bronze
WJ16 Coxless Four Silver
WJ16 Eight Gold
WJ18 Second Eights Silver
WJ18 Coxless Four Gold
WJ18 Eights Silver

Surbiton High GB trialists are doing very well and continue in the trialling process to earn their place as part of the GB Junior squad and race for Great Britain.