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Moor Park Pupil Editors: a letter to a prospective pupil

Earlier this term, we set our pupil editors a challenge: to write a letter to a prospective pupil, explaining what makes their school so special. First up, it’s William and Emily from Moor Park School….

Dear Prospective Pupil,

Hello, how are you? I heard that you might be joining our school next year. Here are some reasons why you should come:

Firstly, Moor Park is a Catholic school. Before Covid-19, we had a mass every fortnight. This is a main part of the school.

The main value in this school is kindness. I doubt that you will find any school that is kinder than ours. You will feel welcome from day one.

Also, sport is a main feature of our school. We have a sport lesson every day and the coaches look at you as an individual and tell you how to improve. If you don’t enjoy sport as much as other children, there are many opportunities where you will be able to do what you would like to do. For example, there is a new performing arts centre where our weekly drama and music lessons take place, along with lessons for people who play a musical instrument. We also have a Design and Technology lab and an art room for the more creative sorts.

As well as all of the physical and creative facilities, we do actually learn English, Maths etc here at Moor Park! We are proud to say that everybody passes the exams to get in to the schools of their choice at the end of their time here. This is a vital factor of the success that our school has.

We have six ‘Moor Park mindsets’. They are: Curiosity, Independence, Critical thinking, Creativity, Confidence and Resilience. The teachers always try to incorporate these mindsets into their lessons. There are stickers for the pupils that display these mindsets in the classroom, and on Fridays, before Covid-19, a teddy bear was awarded to the person in the pre-prep who performed one of these mindsets in the best way.

Our school is in a beautiful area of the countryside in the county of Shropshire. We are located near Mortimer Forest which is a place where you can go for cycle rides and walks, and we are near the market town of Ludlow, where there are shops, a leisure centre and many other facilities that you can use if you live in the area. We have 85 acres of land that the children can play on at breaktime and play sport on during lessons.

Finally, this school is a day and boarding school. We have four full boarders from overseas. Three from China and one from Spain, but we have had many more in the past, and will have in the future. It is very fun, and there is lots to do and you get plenty of sleep, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the new day. This is obviously good. You are definitely welcome to board however many days a week that help you and your family, or even board none at all. Your choice.

Kind Regards,

William and Emily