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Mowden Hall School ‘Excellent in all areas’

Mowden Hall School is delighted and very proud of the outcome of our latest school inspection. We have been rated as 'Excellent' in all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in November 2022.

The inspection was focused on the pupils’ academic achievements and academic development, as well as their personal development.

Along with excellent academic results from a non-selective intake, Mowden prides itself on being a supportive and nurturing school with a focus on personal development, and this was recognised by the inspectors. They commented that “Pupils demonstrate excellent self-understanding. They exhibit high levels of self-confidence and self-discipline.”

After interviewing staff and pupils, surveying parents, observing classes and daily life at the school, the inspectors commented that “Pupils display excellent knowledge and understanding across their broad curriculum.” Also commented “Pupils are highly articulate and speak with confidence.”

Beyond the classroom, pupils at Mowden have a varied and exciting programme of activities designed to help the children develop, and aid their resilience to the modern world. The inspectors noted that; “Pupils make an excellent contribution to others, the school and the wider community. In discussion with inspectors, pupils described how they value the opportunities for community service such as becoming part of the schools council or taking on other positions of responsibility.”

From a Boarding perspective the inspectors found that “Boarders showed an excellent capacity for appreciating the non- material aspects of their life as they discussed how they enjoy the school’s extensive grounds and being involved with musical groups. They described free time as an opportunity to reflect upon nature and develop a strong sense of belonging to a community and the boarding house as a ‘home from home’.”

Mrs McKendrick, Chair of Trustees at The Prep School Trust remarked “It was a privilege to read the report and I was particularly delighted to see the praise for the critical thinking skills that are encouraged in the children, although not surprised!”

Amongst the host of positive comments that the inspectors used to justify the conclusion to their findings, these are just a few of the highlights:

“Pupils demonstrate highly developed critical analysis skills.”

“Pupils demonstrate high moral values and excellent behaviour is the norm.”

“Pupils make an excellent contribution to their school community, actively participating in a range of roles and committees.”

Such a positive outcome to the inspection process is a testament to the hard work of everyone connected to the school and a huge validation of the quality of the education we provide. To be awarded such an accolade is an exceptional achievement and one of which the whole school community can feel justifiably proud. Mrs Martin, Head at Mowden Hall School commented “Within the context of huge educational pressures over the last three years, to be graded as excellent in all areas of school life is a superb achievement, and we are incredibly proud to receive such an outstanding report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Accordingly, I pay tribute to the staff who work so hard to ensure the highest possible educational outcomes for the children in our care. I am especially pleased to see the excellent quality of the pupils' academic achievements recognised alongside their rigorously supported personal development. The School's approach to these areas is both robust and ambitious, and we will continue to strive to provide an exceptional learning environment for our pupils.

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