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Papplewick's International Granny's Chocolate Cake Bake Off

No need for Pru Leith or Paul Hollywood to be in attendance, when Papplewick Headmaster, Tom Bunbury challenged the boys to a bake off (via Microsoft Teams) adhering to his favourite chocolate cake recipe - care of his Granny!  Boys from all over the world took part - 111 in total and were provided with the basic recipe, asked to log in at a certain time, and then "BAKE!" together......with of course Mr Bunbury in full chef's apparel - baking from his home kitchen on the school site.  The results were quite phenomenal and the mini-bakers rose to the challenge with characteristic enthusiasm and with quite spectacular results! 

Headmaster, Tom Bunbury said " I have to admit there was an unusually large take up for this challenge worldwide - but of course our boys are renowned for their appreciation of cake so I should not have been surprised.  I was hugely impressed with the boys' professional attitude and I can’t help but wonder if 111 chocolate cakes all baked at the same time represents some sort of world record!"