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Let’s Baroque and Roll!

The Music Department at St Peter's 8-13, part of St Peter’s School, York, organised a wonderful day of music-making inspired by the theme 'Baroque and Roll'; on Monday 21 March. The aim of the day was to introduce the children to two very different musical genres, from the
grandiose spirit of Baroque to the energetic and rhythmic style of Rock and Roll.

The children participated in a range of exciting workshops including Early Wind Instruments, Baroque
Strings, Baroque Voice, Rock Guitar, Songwriting, Harpsichord Masterclass and Jazz Improvisation.

The day concluded with a Baroque and Roll concert in the Shepherd Hall featuring over 140 children,
many of whom performed as part of school ensembles and some as soloists.

Holly Craven, Director of Music at St Peter's 8-13, said: 'Months ago, we had the idea to run a day of
workshops which gave children a new take on music - and a chance to develop new skills, and so
Baroque and Roll day was born. My thanks to the incredible staff from our department, who took an
idea and ran with it, and to the children who (as always) jumped at the chance to have a go. Their
smiling faces prove that it was an idea worth having!'

Andy Falconer, Head of St Peter's 8-13, said: 'This has been an incredible feat of organisation, bringing
together nearly 170 pupils and numerous staff. From the very first “This might be a crazy idea but…”
from our Director of Music, through to the incredible performance on Monday evening in front of an
audience of nearly 200 people in person and many more watching the livestream online, this has been a
huge team effort.

“8-year-olds through to 13-year-olds, playing everything from the harp through to bass guitar, showed
just what hard work and a positive attitude can accomplish. My thanks to everyone involved."