Find the right school for your child

Talk Education’s events bring together speakers from top schools to talk about the hot topics in education today, giving parents the opportunity to meet school leaders outside the normal admissions process.

Given the current circumstances, our live events programme is on hold for the time being. We look forward very much to inviting you to join us in person as soon as we are able to, but in the meantime, we are launching a series of webinars with stars of the educational firmament - more details here in due course.

As well as our own flagship events, our team has an excellent track record in directing and hosting educational events for individual schools and for corporate clients. If you would like to know more, please contact us

‘I have joined Lucy Williams on several occasions to hear her speak about specific schools and education in general. Lucy can be relied upon to offer a clear, unbiased and insightful view on a school, providing, at long last, the insider information we all need when making choices. Lucy is an expert at providing general information and then honing in on core details, often based on her own experiences. In Lucy’s presence, parents and others involved in education feel enabled to ask those nitty-gritty questions which cannot be asked at the school’s Open Day events and yet which can make all the difference to the final choice of schools. All this is set against a background of recognition that each child is unique and the ‘best fit’ for each child must be sought. Lucy’s talks are always refreshingly honest but professional, whilst her audience is kept engaged by her quips and anecdotes compiled over the years of interacting with a wide variety of schools.’ Sally Hobbs, education consultant and former head of a London prep school
‘I attended the Schools Live event in 2016 and found it hugely informative. I was just starting on my 'journey’ of trying to work out the best senior school options for my now 11 year old and his siblings.  The event helped dispel a lot of preconceived ideas about boarding vs day, single sex vs co-ed, London vs Country.  The talks on these and many other subjects from the Heads of some great schools gave me a lot of food for thought and helped inform our choices.  The day was run brilliantly with a good mix of panel discussions and talks and was all compered proficiently by Lucy Williams.  One of the aspects that I really appreciated was being able to speak to the Heads and speakers in between the sessions.  I recommended it to a number of friends the following year.’ Melanie, London mother of three.